BugBand Bed Bugs No More Detect and Treat Kit (Case of 12)

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BugBand Bed Bugs No More early detect and treat combo kit offers (case of 12 units) a solution to treat and detect bed bugs. Bed Bugs No More ingredients uses an industry trade secret strength geraniol formulation that kills bed bug eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults on contact. Works by attacking the soft tissues of the bed bugs exoskeleton. Standard pesticide bed bug products are nerve agents that only kill adult bed bugs with a fully developed nervous system. This kit is airline compliant and designed specifically for travelers who want to ensure their luggage has not been infested by bed bugs as they travel home. The monitor included in this kit shows if bed bugs are present in luggage or hotel rooms. If bed bugs are detected, treat luggage by spraying inside and out. Not for use directly on skin. Read and follow package instructions.

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